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Asset Management


GER Solutions, LLC offers Asset Management which allows your City, Business, School, County or Township to put money back into your budget at a time when all budgets are being drastically cut. Most of the used equipment removed from these types of environments are in working order that has a much higher value. So instead of paying to recycle your electronics or getting paid pennies per pound, let us help you recover as much as you can from your used electronics.

Here is how Asset Management works:

  • Material is received at our location and broken down into refurbished or non-refurbishable
  • Refurbished items are then cleaned of proprietary information and then resold to marketable outlets with the USA.
  • When refurbished items are remarketed, GER Solutions, LLC Customer will then receive  a percentage or consignment amount.

* Removal of equipment from office setting is available

Secured Hard Drive Destruction


Are you worried that the information on your Hard Drive will be leaked out? Concerned that your personal/business information will be stolen/used? If so, you may want to consider protecting your information by using our Secured Hard Drive Destruction service (fees apply). GER Solutions, LLC can provide the following so that you are sure that your information will never be leaked:

  • We can provide a serialized log for your records
  • Destroy your hard drive and provide you with a certificate of destruction

This service can be provided for Business and Residences. For more information on this service, call us now!

***(Also visit our Security Tips tab to get information on how you can protect your information)***

Hard Drive Swiping

GER Solutions, LLC also provides Hard Drive Swiping services (small fee applies).  GER Solutions, LLC provides this service because we understand that sometimes recycling electronics and protecting the information on your hard drive can be costly, so you can still protect your private information with little cost. We care about your needs and therefore we do our best to meet the needs of all our customers.

Pick Up Service (Businesses Only)

GER Solutions, LLC provides pick up services for businesses in/around the area (logistic fee apply). It does not matter how much material your company generates/how many pallets you have we can still service your needs. Call for more information.

Interested? Download our pick up form below.

Corporate Pick-Up Sheet

Freon Removal

GER Solutions, LLC accepts Freon containing appliances such as dehumidifiers, small refrigerators, water coolers, etc. for recycling. As you know, these appliances contain refrigerant that is can be harmful to us and our environment (See blog for more information). GER Solutions, LLC has an outside company come in to removal all Freon from these appliances to keep ourselves and environment safe from any harm. Once the company has removed the Freon from an appliance they document and place a label on the appliance itself. This is done to all appliances that contain refrigerant.