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R2 2013 / Rios 2006  Certified.

Our mission is to provide an excellent and reliable service for environmental recycling.

Great service builds customer longevity

Environmental & ecological recycling solutions that will make a difference in our future

Responsibility in protecting our planet and the people

Solutions that will help continue our growth and stay focused on our mission



It is against the law in Pennsylvania to dump electronics.   Our facility has electronic surveillance.  Anyone caught dumping electronics at our facility will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



GER Solutions is your Green Environmental Recycling Solution. Our CEO has been in the environmental business more than 20 years, and has seen many changes in regulations and compliance for properly handling Electronics and Universal Waste. We are an EPA permitted facility located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Our promise to the communities and businesses is that we truly recycle all acceptable waste, and that we handle it in a manner intended to keep our environment clean and safe from harmful and hazardous chemicals that leach into our environment.

ALL equipment that is found in working order is resold to companies who refurbish and recycle back into the community. GER Solutions requires that all downstream markets for reusable equipment are an environmentally friendly company. “NO Landfills are accepted”.

We will work hand-in-hand with businesses and manufacturers by helping them manage their waste streams in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way. We educate our customers on the hazards that each waste stream contains.  GER Solutions will provide a tracking system of your waste upon request by documenting the serial numbers on your equipment to be recycled. Our asset management will allow your company to be in compliance with DEP and EPA governmental and state laws, insuring that any liability of your waste is properly handled.

Let GER Solutions be your one-stop recycling company. A company that does what it says, and believes in true green recycling. We will provide the recycling services you need according to regulations and provide you the proper documentation to support your efforts.

GER Solutions recycles your electronics by utilizing R2 compliant facilities and DEP and EPA electronic recycling standards.

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